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No boutique fitness class was as exclusive, and no clientele as glamorous or devoted, showing up multiple times a week to ride a bike in the dark. Inside each spin studio, every element furthered this air of aspiration and commitment: the welcoming sans-serif logo and uplifting mantras on the walls, the grapefruit-scented candles, the gorgeous instructors, the low-watt mood lighting, the chilled bottles of Smartwater, the amethyst crystals that supposedly absorb bad energy. Many paid hundreds a month, attending two or three classes a day. SoulCycle is said to have a soft limit of three classes per person per day but did not strictly enforce it. The difficult part was booking the bikes. The best time slots with the best instructors were gobbled up in seconds. People would do whatever they could to game the system — a system that was designed to keep people out instead of letting them in. Those riders learned to avoid asking for managers and targeted the newbies. Your system is broken.

The video sharing app is brutally bound to happen, though, and has probably exposed you to a handful of clips of songs you can't get out of your head just by appearing arrange your social feeds that aren't TikTok. Originating from the lip-syncing app agreeable. The success of a TikTok chant is a bit confounding since aged songs do resurface on the app—going all the way back to the freakin' 19th century —but its appeal on what's trending in music is undeniable, making charting hits out of even obscure releases that the kids are playing over their videos. Akin to all music, not every TikTok chant is amazing, but there are a handful of gems on the app that are definitely worth listening en route for in full. Here are the finest of those TikTok songs you've heard parts of, but should definitely eavesdrop to the entire thing. The neon-blue-haired rapper looks like a walking anime punk princess. Although, to that she would probably say, Fuck a princess, I'm a king, which is the commanding chorus of her hit Daisy that's all about how much of a badass she is. It's alarming with her snarky lyrics and ambush beat that sounds like it could soundtrack a Halloween movie—but that's can you repeat that? makes it so twisted and amusement.

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