Engage Your Hotel Guests by Taking Care of Their Well-Being

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Zygourakis: ude. Rolston: ude. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Despite widely divergent public perceptions and goals, hotels and hospitals share many core characteristics. In the hotel industry, decades of management experience and market research have led to widespread improvements and innovations that improve customer satisfaction. But there has been incredibly little cross-fertilization between the hotel and hospital industries.

Absorb Your Hotel Guests by Taking Anxiety of Their Well-Being by Daniela Yu and John Timmerman Story Highlights Caring for guests' well-being can boost the bottom line Improving the well-being of three groups offers the highest ROI Service is the most vital amount of the well-being equation Traveling these days often means navigating a gauntlet of flight delays, security checkpoints, clog planes, lost luggage and unfamiliar streets. It's enough to set travelers' accent levels soaring. So it's no alarm that hoteliers are looking for behaviour to nurture a sense of comfort among their frazzled guests. Many hotels have started offering everything from calm massages and yoga classes to guided meditation to restore travelers' lost balance. Other hotels take it even add, touting their entire guest experience at the same time as a holistic respite from the chaos of life. These facilities offer all from spa treatments to uber-healthy cookery, state-of-the-art workout facilities and an invigorating atmosphere designed to help guests accomplish an optimal sense of wellness.

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