On a Greek Island That Welcomed Migrants Residents and Refugees Feel Abandoned

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In December,a volunteer who teaches photography at a school for refugee children on the Greek island of Samos gave Kodak disposable cameras to her class. She told the students to photograph their daily lives. All the African guys wanted to be transferred and they burned 2 toilets. The line for the doctor. Wires hung from a dirty and stained ceiling, and a tube light traversed the frame. Samos is one of five islands that house refugees in the eastern part of Greece. It is known for its wine, its small size, and, now, for chronic overcrowding. This year, the situation has been growing worse as more migrants have arrived by boat from Turkey to join the four thousand refugees who are already here. Greece is still suffering from the effects of a decade-long economic crisis and the resultant austerity program imposed on it by eurozone lenders.

Air above : Izidor Ruckel near his home outside Denver. Updated at p. ET on June 23, F or his first three years of life, Izidor lived at the hospice. The dark-eyed, black-haired boy, born June 20, , had been abandoned after he was a few weeks aged.

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