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I was at my first frat party. A little sad, I know. Especially for being in the sophomore year of my college career. To be fair though, I was a pretty big book worm my freshman year. My new roommate though was a party animal, so I decided to go with her. We had been friends the year before and decided we would try being roommates.

As my mom and dad were divorced, we lived with my mom. My dad would come around occasionally en route for visit or to pick us ahead and take us out somewhere designed for ice-cream or something else. As we got older their relationship became a lesser amount of and less civil so my dad would not come around very a lot. When I was 18 and all the rage high school the summer before my senior year, my older sister was 20 and she kind of looked after me and my two younger brothers when our mom was by work. My older brother 28 by the time was still living by home too but my sis was in community college and working amount time so she was home add. I was working out for football with my buddies during the calendar day that summer and my two younger brothers were going to a calendar day camp at the local playground administer by the YMCA. My sister did have a little compact car so as to she used to get to after that from school and work. My mom car pooled to work with a neighbor. One day during the summer we were supposed to have workouts at the weight room and after that go to the track for administration.

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