Summa Cum Laude

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Below, we explain each of these academic distinctions in more detail. What is an honor student? You may receive the honor student designation if you enrolled in a certain number of honors courses and did well in them. The coursework in honors classes tends to be more rigorous than regular courses, with additional requirements for homework and other projects. What is a Dean's List? Most universities award students with a Dean's List designation each semester upon review of their academic standing. At the end of their college career, students attend their graduation or an honors convocation where the university awards them with the Dean's List honor for outstanding academic achievement throughout their time at the university. Your school may go a step further and award Dean's List with Distinction honors to students who have a perfect or near-perfect grade-point average GPA.

A few students benefit from taking a call or more away from UO. Can you repeat that? is Academic Warning? Academic Warning 1 and 2 each occur when a student has had a term anywhere they earned less than a 2. What is Academic Probation? Academic audition is earned and the notation Bookish Probation is recorded on the student's academic transcript whenever the following conditions exist: When the UO cumulative GPA is lower than 2. Students along with more than 44 credits are barely allowed one term of probation ahead of they are subject to disqualification. Students on academic probation are limited en route for a study load of no add than 15 credits. Incoming students can be admitted on academic probation after that are notified when such action has been taken; these students may be subject to disqualification after a definite term of probation.

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