The Phenomenology of Group Stalking : ‘Gang-Stalking’: A Content Analysis of Subjective Experiences

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As Helen O'Hara, author of Women vs Hollywood, tells BBC Culture: These female-made Westerns are really tackling toxic masculinity and the ways in which men's attempts to prove themselves as men can backfire, rather than glorifying the myth of the cowboy as the older, traditional Western did. Devilishly clever, charismatic and cruel, Phil Benedict Cumberbatch is an imposing figure, and his soft-hearted, taciturn brother Jesse Plemons is the primary target for his bullying. Gender relations are never straightforward in Campion's films, and her male characters tend to be threatening yet fascinating — Professor Duncan Petrie At first glance, Phil belongs in a traditional Western. He has the swagger of an alpha male; dirty and rough-shaven, clad in brown woollen chaps that give him animalistic bulk. When he first strides into view, Campion shows his lone figure framed by a window, evoking the iconic final shot of John Wayne in The Searchers Phil despises anything feminine, preying on his new sister-in-law and her lisping son, who crafts elaborate paper flowers in his bedroom. The only time Phil betrays any affection is when he tells reverent stories about his old mentor, the late Bronco Henry. And yet beneath this facade is someone raw and vulnerable.

Katherine Harvey's illuminating novel The Fires of Lust: Sex in the Middle Ages offers a peak into the bedrooms of ordinary mediaeval men and women living in western Europe. Harvey is a London-based historian and author specialising in the medieval period and Amateur Research Fellow specialising in history, classics and archaeology at Birkbeck, University of London. The book explains how the majority of ideas and attitudes about sex and relationships were rooted all the rage two dominant belief systems: Roman All-embracing Christianity and Galenic medicine. From women trying to reduce their breasts en route for look more virginal to drinking amethyst mixed with powdered hare testicles all the rage a bid to conceive a daughter, the book reveals many astonishing practices. As well as some surprises, akin to an emphasis on female pleasure after it came to reproduction, there are shocking anecdotes of brutal punishments designed for behaviour deemed immoral during the age. Why you DIDNT have to allow sex to lose you're virginity Devout beliefs played a huge part all the rage shaping medieval attitudes and understanding about sex, with Roman catholic dogma stating that humans were never meant en route for feel lust.

Be subject to Life and style Experience: I was attacked by a dog while hiking a volcano He came back after that sunk his teeth in again. By 3,m, it is the highest acme in the country and one of the only places on earth as of where you can see the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans at the same time. It is an committed volcano, but last erupted around I set off before sunrise. It was a little chilly, so I had pulled on tights under my trekking trousers. I intended to reach the top by midday, then return ahead of dark to get a lift en route for my hostel. I love the abandon. When I got to the basis of the volcano at 7am, the ranger was reluctant to let me go alone, but relented because an American couple were behind me.

Carry The two encounters happened 16 years apart, but they have striking similarities. In both cases, a young artist was summoned to a hotel area by a prominent Hollywood figure add than twice their age. There, the victims allege, they were coaxed against a bed and sexually assaulted. All the rage one story, the alleged attacker is Harvey Weinstein. Asia Argento emerged at the same time as a powerful figure in the MeToo movement last fall after telling the New Yorker that during the Cannes Film Festival inWeinstein invited her en route for his hotel, came out in a bathrobe and sexually assaulted her. I was 21 years old. She is the subject of a criminal examination and has been attacked by critics calling her a hypocrite after the New York Times reported Sunday so as to she recently paid off a early child actor who said she sexually assaulted him in a Marina del Rey hotel room inwhen he was In California, the age of accept is The allegations are unlikely en route for undermine the explosive MeToo movement, which researchers say has exposed nearly high-profile personalities, only about a dozen of them female, since last fall.

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