Quebec Premier Couillard: 'I Believe Quebecers And Vermonters Are Like-Minded People'

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How can we help our neighbours in this time of crisis in BC and Atlantic Canada? Borders are now open to all Fully-Vaccinated International Travellers! Cliquez ici pour obtenir des renseignements sur le WWOOFing et sur la situation relative au coronavirus. Find a Host Find Host.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard joined Vermont Book to talk about the ties amid Vermont and Quebec and political issues north of the border. Premier Philippe Couillard: Vermont is the first trading partner of Quebec and New England, and the first partner when individual looks at the whole U. At present I met with Gov. Jane Lindholm : Given that, how important is improved transportation infrastructure — the artery that's recently opened along the course most Northwestern Vermonters take to Montreal, and the promise of train advantage between Vermont and Montreal?

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