Premarital sexual relationships: Explanation of the actions and functions of family

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Family is an important environment that is associated with a range of social and emotional behaviors of children. Twenty-six single males and females of years who were living in Isfahan participated in this qualitative research study. The participants had begun to have some form of sexual activities. Twelve other participants including parents, teachers, school counselors, clinical psychologists, family counselors, and health care providers also took part in the study. Data collection method was based on semi-structured interview and observing the sexual actions and interactions of youths at different levels.

Although being satisfied with your life is something a little different. Happiness is being happy in your life. We experience it immediately and in the moment. Life satisfaction is being blissful about your life. It is the happiness that exists when we address about the past and the adult picture. Having more close friendships was associated with a 19 percent better life satisfaction and a 23 percent greater sense of optimism.

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