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Also, be aware that even if you are feeling fine, your sexual partner may not be. If they are so drunk that they do not really know what they're doing, then you do not have their consent to have sex. You should stop straight away or you may be committing sexual assault. Violence at parties Sometimes people lose control when they're under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and they lash out. Their violence may be aimed at one person, or a group. Or it may even be a general aggression that involves smashing glasses and damaging property. Whatever form it takes, violence is scary for the people who see it, and dangerous for the people in its path. If you see someone being violent at a party, tell the host.

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Can you repeat that? is consent? Consent is an accord between participants to engage in sexual activity. Consent should be clearly after that freely communicated. Consent cannot be agreed by individuals who are underage, intoxicated or incapacitated by drugs or alcohol, or asleep or unconscious. Unequal ability dynamics, such as engaging in sexual activity with an employee or apprentice, also mean that consent cannot be freely given. How does consent work? And it should happen every age for every type of activity. Consenting to one activity, one time, does not mean someone gives consent designed for other activities or for the alike activity on other occasions.

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