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THE going over the boat held them a long time, for Ellen's new friend took kind pains to explain to her whatever he thought he could make interesting; he was amused to find how far she pushed her inquiries into the how and the why of things. For the time her sorrows were almost forgotten. Are you alone? I hope you don't think, Ellen, that strangers cannot be friends too? But casting it down again, she added, But they are not my friends, sir. And Ellen would have been quite satisfied though the gentleman had done no more than 93 merely permit her to remain there by his side; but he took out his little Bible, and read and talked to her for some time, so pleasantly that neither her weariness nor the way could be thought of.

A Timmins man has launched a claim against the human resources manager by the Timmins and District Hospital. Paul Gemme has worked at the Timmins and District Hospital since A few of those, he says, happened after he worked as a cook. He says co-workers tampered with food he was preparing. He also says a co-worker once splashed chemicals in his eyes. Gemme claims in his claim that he sought help from his supervisor, union and human resources administrator, Mike Resetar, but his issues were either not addressed at all before resolved inadequately or unfairly. He's around to save money for the hospital; they have a deficit. Feeling akin to he had nowhere to turn after that not willing to give up, Gemme says he launched a civil accusation against Resetar for one million dollars in damages including mental suffering after that loss of future income.

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