How to Write a Recruiting Message to Students : Plus 7 Templates

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Some young adults look forward to college, eager to experience more freedom and adventure. Still others know that leaving home will be difficult and therefore dread the thought of leaving for college. Even positive life changes produce stress, and certainly the changes leaving home demands can lead to feelings of sadness, loneliness and worry. These feelings are typical and part of the developmental transition to college. Changes to Expect in the First Year of College Increased Personal Freedom Many college students welcome the freedom to decide about what they want to do each day. Others may find this freedom strangely unfamiliar or difficult.

Ahead of my younger brother left for academy, I decided to put together a manifesto of my learned experiences en route for help him on his way. At this juncture are those nuggets of sisterly assistance, good for any student embroiled all the rage the college search or already moved into the dorms. Be unapologetically by hand I wish someone had reminded me of this more often. Be arrogant of that. Care about yourselflove by hand, be yourself.

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