Dear Therapist: I’m Considering Leaving My Wife for My Co-worker

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I wish I could say that I said something witty or did something bold and brave, but I was just sort of I can't help but call to mind the photo above of Nora Ephron and then-husband Carl Bernstein inwhere she's clearly caught in a similar moment of frozen humiliation as another woman sits on Bernstein's lap. So, what do you do when someone flirts with your partner right in front of you? The truth is, mine was an extreme example—and a particularly hurtful one. With some flirting, it might be easier to just let it go—but there are times where you might need to say something, either to your partner or to the person doing the flirting. Meet the Expert Aimee Hartstein, LCSW is a psychotherapist with advanced training in the areas of relationships, marriage counseling, infidelity, and divorce. When we see others desire our partner it often makes them a bit more attractive. Ideally, your partner will say something—either by making a point that they're in a relationship or addressing it directly. Either walk away, change the subject, pull you into the conversation or mention you.

Three years ago, my family moved en route for this small town in Indiana. After we moved here, we knew denial one. My fiance was working along with a local company who rented en route for us, a quaint apartment to acquire started in. We had moved at this juncture from another city, New Albany was the name. I grew up all the rage that city and my bi-racial children and I lived there for a number of years.

Allow a question? Dear Therapist, Months back, on a business trip, a lady co-worker and I attempted to assemble up with others for drinks, although when everyone else bailed, we absolute to still go out. After compound rounds of drinks, barhopping, and absolute conversation, I realized we had an intense connection. After the business caper, we continued to talk and assemble up for drinks. The feelings got stronger and I shared information along with her that I had never told anyone. I felt I could be my genuine self with her, which is a feeling that I allow not had in a long age. The way she looks at me still gives me chills as I write this. Great, right? With a daughter.

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