Cimorelli - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun / Tik Tok Lyrics

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Getting together with my gal pals always starts off with classy intentions. Sometimes, we start at a local Nashville winery where the owner is out and about rubbing elbows with visitors. Patiently waiting for a neon moon with Kix Brooks while guzzling wine. Typically on a ladies night, we begin with good intentions all dolled up with our lipstick still in tact. Pretty in pink with lipstick, of course. Then after about a cocktail and a half, photo shoots commence while our love for one another gushes throughout conversations. I love you. No I love you!

Air good and feel wanted wanted Oh girls oh girls oh girls a minute ago wanna have fun Oh girls oh girls oh girls just wanna allow fun Girl girls just wanna allow fun yep Glitter on my lips yep, fishnet stockings on my a la mode I was made of sugar, a little something, Ciroc, strawberries on top, open ahead take a shot yep My girls we poppin we really dont accomplish this often But when we appear out to party please roll absent that red carpet Sexy on individual hundred we running the city we coming Aint it funny you accepted wisdom that you'd be the only individual looking yummy, Im a chocolate bunny I can tell you getting ambitious, gourmet dinner, served with tattoos after that henna You should've let us ahead in here, you aint want yo bartender to lose all thy awareness Dont trip get yo money barrack, bathroom turned into a photo closet Excuse me I aint sorry didnt notice you. Versace on me you can smell it from away Yeah I did it cause I wanna drive you crazy, and we administer this dance floor We be grinding real close. Back up we dont need no man I know you will never understand Girls just wanna have fun. Look good and air wanted wanted Oh girls oh girls oh girls just wanna have amusement Oh girls oh girls oh girls just wanna have fun Girl girls just wanna have fun yep Me and my girl we just wanna have fun, Just got my beard and my toes done And we all up in the club yea we pouring it up, dont be talking sideways when you coming by us We in vip blowing trees everybody look at me I agitate my ass a lil bit I see you staring Party real arduous cause im out with my girls, I aint thinking bout a nigga cause im in my own earth Twerk my ass a lil flash while they yell go Ceded, Je'love on the side she going bizarre Standing up in the seats at the same time as we rock to the beat beard flowing left to right while im moving my feet Yea we affection our self, yea we feeling our self, I dont hang with bankrupt chicks all chicks got wealth We aint come to have drama we just come to have fun Ceded Baby Je'love we just trying en route for have fun Girls just wanna allow fun. Look good and feel hunt wanted Oh girls oh girls oh girls just wanna have fun Oh girls oh girls oh girls a minute ago wanna have fun Girl girls a minute ago wanna have fun yep.

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