How can I satisfy my desire for sexual intimacy?

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I'm a year-old woman with a high sex drive. From the age of 10 I've masturbated once a day and, particularly since owning a vibrator, this can be up to three times in one sitting. I've had four long-term relationships, based on love, but none of these men satisfied my desire for sexual intimacy. My last relationship lasted four years. I found him hugely attractive, but I believe that was largely based on wanting someone who didn't really want me. The sex was incredible, but I think that was because it made me feel wanted by him, something I craved. In your relationships you have been engaging in pseudosexuality — that is, sex for reasons other than sexual pleasure.

Who needs lovers when life itself is sexy enough? By Jodi Sh. Menopause was the best thing that could have happened to me. It's been nine years since I've had femininity with anyone other than myself, although at 57, I wouldn't say I'm celibate or sexless. I'm simply able to think. A promiscuous child of the free-love '70s and a hard partier await the '90s, I only understood the language of sex.

Ahhh, the joys of a long-term relationship: Comfort, loyalty Not so fast. Staying together for the long haul doesn't necessarily mean action in the bedroom has to suffer. In fact, aware each other so well can essentially make things even hotter in so as to arena.

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