The 10 Best Hot-Weather Dog Breeds

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Tiny, fluffy bodies or large, regal bodies? Many varying characteristics go into what makes certain dog breeds the best-looking dogs. All dogs are cute, but we took some of the most popular choices out there to develop this list of the 15 cutest dog breeds. Learn about their temperaments and care requirements to discover whether any of these beautiful dogs are right for you. His comical expression matches his comedic personality; he loves playing and entertaining his family. The Frenchie also enjoys cuddling and snoozing with his favorite person. Good to know: The French Bulldog snores, may wheeze and drool, and his facial wrinkles should be regularly cleaned. His bouts in hot, humid weather should be limited.

Humans can slug a cold glass of water , sweat profusely, or aloofness in front of the AC. Dogs, however, don't have it so at ease when it comes to cooling along in a super hot environment. Their survival depends on their coat after that fur, along with how much force they are putting out. If you want a happy companion on your next summer adventure, consider these ten breeds that perform well in angry weather, especially if they can barn dance in a nearby river.

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