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Girls can do anything, and Adventure Girls! Packed with exciting activities and crafts for girls ages 6 to 12this book inspires young adventurers to be curious, innovative, and bold. From stargazing and animal tracking to making a pinhole camera and building a shadow theater, Adventure Girls! It empowers girls to:. Instill confidence and curiosity with this collection of fun, engaging activities and crafts for girls. Explore the outdoors with confidence using new skills, like making compasses and trail markers, using the stars to navigate, and much more. Find activities and challenges to answer questions like: Why do things float? Why does the wind blow? Are all bugs insects?

The original series sold more than an unbelievable million copies! Luckily, these books are still around to share along with your students, and not only that; there is a slew of additional series that follows the same arrange. Here are a few that your students will be crazy about. Finest for grades Did you know so as to Choose Your Own Adventure has a series just for kids in the primary grades?

We believe, and are supported by a lot of others in the outdoor industry at the same time as well as by research, that individual of the ways we can advantage these young women is to agreement more positive influences in their lives—like outdoor adventure. Natalie was living the hectic urban high school life of the average American teen when she discovered canoe tripping. It changed her life. Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries takes young people, mostly teens and twenty-somethings, on day immersive wilderness trips. Although it was very much this affair that, in our gender-stereotyped world, designed for boys to invest themselves in, although I had to really fight designed for that. In a lot of behaviour our culture has formulated for women to not be brave, and en route for focus on being perfect first. After that in a lot of these [outdoor] activities you need to fail after that risk to get better. When adolescent girls and young women have the chance to participate in an immersive outdoor adventure experience—like a Boundary Waters canoe trip as Natalie did, before a day backpacking trip like the SROM students do—they learn life be able to be different. What Natalie describes all the rage the Outside article is exactly can you repeat that? so many other girls experience: carry great weight outdoor experiences boost their confidence akin to nothing else.

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