The height of feminism? Or do high heels demean women as sex objects?

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Well, yes, according to consultants brought in by one of London's top law firms. They advised scores of female lawyers that teaming a pair of stilettos with a skirt was the best way to look feminine and professional. We asked five leading commentators whether they agree Once life was so simple: there was mating behaviour, and then there was the rest of life which you just got on with. In the Fifties, when sex and babies went together, we went to parties to catch a husband, put on the highest heels the shoemaker could manage, dabbed scent behind our ears, cinched in our waists, told our boyfriends we were virgins and that was the way we meant to stay, then waited for them to capitulate and propose. They did. You were a walking, talking honeytrap, in competition with other women for the best genetic material. Heels were a weapon of war.

Inno woman should be forced to abrasion, or do, anything against her choices. This is, sadly, lawful. It bothers me that it should take bookish research to highlight such blindingly apparent sexism. As you may know as of my former Glamour column, I am a transgender woman.

This article is more than 2 years old Digging their heels in: women wage war on footwear dress codes This article is more than 2 years old A campaign in Japan for a ban on women body forced to wear high heels by work is gaining global support Melania Trump, complete with vertiginous heels, along with Philip May at a Downing Avenue garden party. Last week, led as a result of Yumi Ishikawa , who was affected to wear high heels when she worked in a funeral parlour, a group of Japanese women have signed a petition demanding employers be banned from making women wear heels at the same time as part of an enforced dress cipher. A groundswell of support for the campaign, dubbed KuToo a play arrange kutsu, meaning shoes, and kutsuu, connotation pain, in Japanese and inspired as a result of the MeToo movement , has gained global attention for their cause after that reopened the debate about the affair of state of footwear. But to demand women wear a certain height of shoe is not acceptable. In my early roles as a newspaper fashion editor and TV fashion correspondent, I revelled in the regular opportunities I had to dress up in exotic footwear.

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