Conformity and Obedience

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We often change our attitudes and behaviors to match the attitudes and behaviors of the people around us. Individual reason for this conformity is a concern about what other people assume of us. This process was demonstrated in a classic study in which college students deliberately gave wrong answers to a simple visual judgment assignment rather than go against the arrange. Another reason we conform to the norm is because other people a lot have information we do not, after that relying on norms can be a reasonable strategy when we are ambiguous about how we are supposed en route for act. Unfortunately, we frequently misperceive how the typical person acts, which be able to contribute to problems such as the excessive binge drinking often seen all the rage college students. Obeying orders from an authority figure can sometimes lead en route for disturbing behavior. This danger was illustrated in a famous study in which participants were instructed to administer aching electric shocks to another person all the rage what they believed to be a learning experiment.

Is obey the new four letter word? Sometimes it feels like it — especially when I post and allocate my thoughts and ideas on parenting. Respectfully, they kids can say everything. I understand what it is akin to to have doubt, and I argue some of my journey to assurance in this post.

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