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Editorial Independence This article is sponsored by Better but was created independently by our editorial team. Some links on this page — clearly marked — may take you to a partner website and may result in us earning a referral commission. For more information, see How We Make Money. After finally buying a house in Durant, Oklahoma, White says she feels like she settled too soon. Now they say they rarely use it, but still have to maintain it. Lauren, Joshua, and Elsie Carlton are pictured. With the right approach, you can avoid major issues and be prepared to handle the challenges of homeownership. We talked with three homebuyers about their recent experiences buying a home, so you can be better prepared to navigate similar challenges. How to Avoid Homebuyer Regrets Buying and owning a home can be a rewarding experience, if you prepare ahead of time and take your time in finding the right place for you.

A few links on this page — evidently marked — may take you en route for a partner website and may answer in us earning a referral administration. For more information, see How We Make Money. No, these are not words from a newly-discovered alien dialect. Between unfamiliar acronyms, emerging technologies, after that keeping up with memes and tweets, just learning the basics takes age, even for seasoned traditional investors.

Camera work by Gerrard Gethings. G Go en route for any park, and you will accompany the strange phenomenon of the canine mini-me. Why do people choose the dog that looks most like themselves? Far from being skin-deep, the come back with may give you a new admiration of the intense bonds we humans have forged with our four-legged friends. Indeed, there are some strange after that unexpected parallels with the way we choose our other, two-legged life partners. Gerrard Gethings' portraits of dog act contestants reveal an intimate bond so as to crosses the boundaries between species Credit: Gerrard Gethings Michael Roy at the University of California, San Diego was one of the first psychologists en route for put the idea to the acid test.

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