Dylan Thomas

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But great might not be the first word that springs to mind. The best part? Here are seven examples of flash fiction for a total of 21 minutes or less that are totally worth your time. This story from his collection In Our Time follows the typical arc of great flash fiction by starting with a straightforward but descriptive sentence to set the scene. They shot the six cabinet ministers at half-past six in the morning against the wall of a hospital. There were pools of water in the courtyard. There were wet dead leaves on the paving of the courtyard. It rained hard.

Advance of the Triad Apogee had a lot to answer for back all the rage its shareware days. Rise of the Triad was ludicrous, gory, and especially fast paced. The modified Wolfenstein advance engine was pushed to its limits here, and when you got a number of players involved, all running around after that blindly wiping out everything in their path, it did get a a small amount heavy on the old system resources. Apparently, there were supposed to be more enemies in the game, although technical limitations stopped a lot of them appearing.

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