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The turned to stone variant is featured as a local legend in The Ghost of Maiden's Peak. The trope is lampshaded and defied by Jessie in reference to said ghost. Girls like her disgust me. Always waiting around for her man as if she were his faithful pet. Downplayed in another episode with a Ninetales kitsune Pokemon who can reach years of age ; as per the trope, she waited a long time for her master. But once years passed without his return, she realized he'd died and attempted to leave the house where he'd lived, only to be unable to since her Pokeball was still in there.

Able-bodied, if you've been carrying on an illicit affair on the side, a minute ago marry your mistress and problem solved! No need to go into the dating scene again when there's a big cheese you already have a relationship along with waiting in the wings. Even add so if the new bride is already pregnant which leaves no disbelief as to what was going arrange. The level of sympathy the characters involved are expected to receive as of the audience depends heavily on anywhere the story falls on the Able Adultery, Bad Adultery scale. More affable examples frequently have the first husband being unwanted and have the marriage ceremony not be totally willing, usually all the way through an Arranged Marriage , in which case the relationship with the mistress might have already existed and the two would have married first but they'd been able to.

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