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Commander Wolffe x Jedi! Reader, Female! Just One Night: Part 1. Well, that was a fucking lie. Also, this is only my third attempt at smut so any feed back out be appreciated. It was so easy to get lost in Wolffe. His touch set fire to your skin. His lips were rough and urgent. His desire for you pulsed out of him in devastating waves, swelling into your own until all you could do was drown in it.

PSA — Threesomes are haram. Simmer along, akhi ; Image Source. Judging as a result of the search queries that lead ancestor to this article, we Muslims allow a lot of kinky questions. Candidly, I was surprised at just how much erotic fun husbands are allowed to have with their wives after that vice versa. Note: One of my teachers clarified a few issues a propos the fatwas I presented below. This questioner is asking if rim jobs — that is, orally stimulating the anus — are haram. Aside as of my annoyance at people being also lazy to do their own delve into, I got tired of seeing the same questions over and over all over again.

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