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Widow get lonely living 44456

Loneliness in widowhood is not surprising. I mean, even for the people who have never been through it, the loneliness of widows is a no-brainer. But frankly, I think that lonely is not a strong enough word. There is a deep silence that comes with losing your spouse. I mean, what was she thinking?

Women make up 11 million of the 13 million bereaved spouses in the US, forced to cope with chief life decisions when they are by their most vulnerable. Meanwhile, it be able to be nearly impossible to find a truly understanding friend. He was barely 73 and she was 61; they had thought they would grow aged together. But he died without departure her so much as a hand-scrawled will.

Collective isolation in grief is oh accordingly common. Social isolation in winter is oh so common. Conversations about collective isolation? Not so common. We allusion social isolation a lot around at this juncture, but we have never had a whole post about it.

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